About Me

IMG_0574My name is Adrian Pepperdine, and I, like many others before me, have discovered the joy and fulfillment that comes from simple living and the minimalistic lifestyle. I have very much enjoyed writing about it, and I look forward to continuing my journey and having the ability to share it with others.

Things to do on my website include checking out my books and reading my blog. Discover Minimalism also has a Facebook page! Find it at https://www.facebook.com/DiscoverMinimalism.

Minimalism has helped me in many ways in my life, but here are just a few:

1.) Creativity – Clearing up my schedule embracing minimalist philosophy has given me the time, courage, and perspective I need to start expressing myself creatively, including writing about things I care about – such as Minimalism!

2.) Stress – We humans are under a constant barrage of things attempting to enter our lives – and our lives and our time will become as full and overstuffed as we allow it to be.  With each new thing that we decide to juggle, new stress is added – stress that I have seen diminish in my life piece by piece as I find greater clarity and focus on the things that are truly important.

3.) Happiness – This is one of the greatest aims of minimalism, and for many people, it is the greatest.  I have consciously decided to beware of the things that others are pressuring others will make them happy (more money, another piece of entertainment, the next cool gadget…) and really turn introspective on what happiness means to me, and what the best ways to become happy are…and stick with that.

One of my favorite things about Minimalism and simple living is that the philosophy quite often becomes interlocked with a discussion on how we can best help and serve others.  If you’re always focused on getting something for yourself, or you’re always focused on saving up for the next big thing, where does that leave you room to help others?  Minimalism often inspires people to be more present with their families and with their communities, and I love that aspect of it.

I enjoy continuously learning and developing new skills.  Hobbies that I have enjoyed learning and doing have included swimming, biking, hiking, and playing the tuba. I enjoy developing new talents, and I love learning in general.

Thank you for visiting my sitee, and I hope you enjoy what you find!